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Fastest internet on the block

Our average customer speeds are 5x faster than DSL and 2x faster than cable. We use the latest wireless technology. A small antenna on your roof delivers speeds over 75 Mbps download & upload. These aren’t just the speeds we advertise, but the speeds you experience. If we can service your home with faster internet, we just do it - no extra charge.


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Common Networks

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Your location is reviewed and verified for our service in 48 hours.

Choose a date

Once approved, you’ll select a time for us to set-up the service in the next 1-2 weeks.

Get online

Our professional installers will have you online in approximately 3 hours

Strengthen your neighborhood

Our network is uniquely designed to bring many homes in a community online with only a few homes needing to be directly connected to our fiber sources. We interconnect your antennas with your neighbors’ antennas to create a mesh network. This means that the more customers we bring online, the stronger and more reliable the network gets.

Professional-grade wifi service in your living room

Your internet is only as good as your in-home wifi setup. You receive a commercial-grade wifi access point as part of the service, for no additional charge. We set it up and manage it for you to ensure you have fantastic speeds everywhere in your home.


Amazing Local Support

Hi, I’m Kimmy, and I’m helping our clients right from Alameda.


Honest pricing

No hidden fees.
No contract.

  • 75+ Mbps download

  • 75+ Mbps upload

  • Unlimited data plan

  • Cancel anytime

  • Phone, email, & chat with local customer support

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What your neighbors say

There are no other providers. 😉 Common Networks rawks! 🤘 – it's fast, friendly, affordable, and reliable.

Delve Witherington

Common has been more reliable and faster in three months than any service we had from Comcast over more than two years!

Ryan Clifford

The speed! It's so fast! It's so awesome to be able to have multiple streaming services running simultaneously in our house at super high quality without any hiccups.

Anthony Nemirovsky

I can't possibly get this kind of reliability, this kind of speed, and this kind of customer service for this kind of price.

Caren Miles

We have recommended the service- we've told others we're so happy to have high-quality internet that is reasonably priced from a company with such helpful people.

Karen Ringwald

Common has great customer service and provides reliable, blazing fast internet. One great price with no hidden extras.

John Elliot

There are no other providers. 😉 Common Networks rawks! 🤘 – it's fast, friendly, affordable, and reliable.

Delve Witherington

We stand with your privacy

Unlike many internet providers, we don’t store or sell your personal browsing data. Read


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