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Wireless Graph Networks: A solution that enables Gigabit Access for everyone

Learn how Common's WGN approach allows for Gigagbit speeds on a network with build costs 90% lower than fiber-to-the-home.

wireless graph networking

Our Network

Home by home, block by block

We’re developing a new decentralized model for high-speed networking – using wireless hardware, smart software, and graph-based networking to pioneer the next generation of home internet access.

When a customer joins our network, their home wirelessly receives signals from nearby rooftop hardware. And their equipment can also relay signals to other homes, expanding coverage and access for their neighbors.

Versus a traditional hub-and-spoke wireless network, our graph-based approach means more people can access a high-speed connection, with only a few sites needing to be directly connected to a fiber source.

Graph NetworkGraph Network

Our Hardware

Cutting edge cord cutting

Over the last decade, wireless technology has gotten faster, cheaper, and smaller (our cell phones are a daily reminder). But until recently, these improvements haven’t impacted how we get online at home.

We believe that unlicensed wireless bands are critical for the next generation of access. Using a combination of microwave and millimeter wave technology (5 GHz and 60 GHz), our wireless data speeds can finally be on par with wired connectivity.

To develop our hardware, we take advantage of deep supply chains, combining proven off-the-shelf components in an unconventional way. This means reliable and innovative hardware, at a fraction of prior costs.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Our Software

Built-in air traffic control

Our software helps coordinate everything within our distributed network – balancing traffic, optimizing signal strength, and detecting problems.

Our routing algorithm guarantees that every home takes the best path back to a fiber connection. With smart software running in every home system, we avoid traffic jams, slowdowns, and disruptions.

If something ever goes wrong with your setup, your neighbors’ systems can detect an issue, and work to get you back online – fixing bugs and reconfiguring settings. Literally, help is always next door.

Hardware & Software

Technical Specs

Rooftop Radios & Antennas

Multiple: 5 GHz and/or 60 GHz radios
Remotely controlled and monitored
FCC standards compliant

In-Home Access Point

2.4 GHz & 5 GHz
1000 Mbps LAN port
WPA2 encryption

Common Networks Outdoor Router

Quad-core ARM processor
Five 1000 Mbps ethernet ports with PoE
2.4 GHz management radio for off-roof configuration
Remotely controlled and monitored


Cloud-controlled software-defined network
Distributed system with local software agent in each home
Self-diagnose and self-heal capability
Custom routing protocol designed specifically for our graph topology

About our technology

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my neighbor turns their power off?

Our network is built with multiple points of redundancy, and customers have more than one path back to the internet. So if your neighbor changes providers or turns off their equipment, our software ensures your home stays connected.

Are the antennas emitting radio waves that are potentially harmful?

Our FCC-approved radios are similar to the 5 GHz antenna in your wifi router and cell phone – but the total transmit power for our antennas is 5-10 times less than your cell phone.

Does the weather affect your wireless signal or equipment?

"Rain fade" is a phenomenon where droplets of water in the air can impact a wireless signal. However, because our signal typically operates on the lower end of the frequency spectrum and is broadcast over relatively short distances, rain fade should not affect the performance of your connection.

How is your equipment powered?

Our equipment is powered from a standard 110V power supply inside your home. All of our equipment draws less power than a standard lightbulb.

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