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We're bringing better, faster and more reliable internet access to everyone.

We believe that everyone deserves high-speed, affordable internet service.

Broadband internet gives access to world-class education, instant communication, endless entertainment, and even medical care. Right now 62% of the US is stuck with an expensive monopoly provider or nothing at all. It's no wonder most people's service is slow and expensive. We're building fast, reliable, and affordable internet that people love.

Our founding team comes from Square, where they worked on projects that included the Register product, the developer platform, growth, and international expansion. As a company we’re passionate about tackling difficult real-world problems that cut across hardware, software, and data domains.

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Lux Capital


We're based in San Francisco and Alameda, CA

Zach Brock


Mark Jen


Jessica Shalek


Grace Chen

Chief Product Officer

Amrik Kochhar

Software Engineer

Graham Castleton

Field Operations Lead

Kimberly Radich

GM East Bay

Ron Baker

Field Technician

JingXu Yang

Software Engineer

Ralston Clarke

Software Engineer

Brian Emmanuel

Software Engineer

Kartik Lamba

Hardware Lead

Dean Blackburn

Field Technician

Sam White

Logistics Specialist

Heba Gamal

Market Operations Lead

Jeff Hanson

Software Engineer

Nobel Yoo

Software Engineer

Clint Winder

Customer Ops Specialist

Rachel Kaplan

Associate Product Manager

Richard Chui

Software Engineer

Alex Mont

Software Engineer

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