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SAN FRANCISCO, August 14, 2019

Common Networks Introduces First-of-its-Kind High-Speed Wireless Home Internet

Common customers can now access affordable ultra-high speed internet at 300 Mbps with no contracts

Common Networks—a revolutionary wireless internet service provider (ISP)—today announced a new kind of high-speed plan enabling customers to get 300 Mbps home internet speeds at a lower price than other providers. Users on Common’s new high-speed plan experience expedited load times, allowing them to download a whole HD movie in 80 seconds, stream 4K videos and music, as well as connect more than 20 devices to the same network seamlessly. This new tier marks a substantial step towards providing accessible wireless internet coverage for all.

With proprietary software built on open 5G technology, Common is challenging the status quo across the ISP landscape. To offer this new level of speed, Common is using next generation, millimeter wave radios and their software stack to allow for much higher throughput.

“With today’s reliance on the internet for everything from education to payment processing to entertainment, it should be more convenient and affordable to everyone,” said Common CTO and co-founder Mark Jen. “This offering is now bringing the fastest, most accessible wireless ever to our network. We’re looking forward to expanding our services in speed, pricing, and location.”

In less than three years, Common has already expanded its coverage area to over 100,000 people in a fraction of the time, and at less than 1/50th of the cost that it would take to extend fiber optic internet to these communities.

With a price of just $49 per month, the company’s new 300 Mbps option offers exceptional value to residents across the Bay Area in Alameda, Santa Clara, San Jose, and Sunnyvale. Common’s new multi-speed offering is unique in cost transparency, with the company providing free installation and including all equipment under one set price—all without taxes, fees or data caps. Along with Common’s ultra high-speed tier, customers can also choose between a Basic 20 Mbps plan for $34 a month, and a Faster 80 Mbps plan for $39 a month. Common’s tiered plans present users with a variety of options to increase accessibility across the board.

“Since cutting the cord and switching to Common’s high-speed plan, I’ve noticed a definite increase in my internet speed,” said Ron Mooney, a pilot customer for the 300 Mbps plan. “It feels exciting to be at the cutting edge of a new technology that I know people will be adopting en masse.”

Common was founded in 2016 by Zach Brock, Grace Chen, Mark Jen, and Jessica Shalek. Together, they came together to invent 5G-based technology that solves internet connectivity and cost problems for suburban cities. The founding team all previously worked at Square where they built the Square Register product, started the Square developer platform, and led Growth teams for domestic and international expansion.

About Common Networks, Inc.

Common Networks is a technology company providing first-of-its-kind wireless internet powered by open 5G and local connections. Using groundbreaking proprietary innovations, Common delivers unparalleled speed at a reduced cost. Common is disrupting industry standards with complete transparency in pricing and customer service.

In less than three years, Common’s network has provided coverage to over 100,000 people in a fraction of the time—and at less than 1/50th of the price it would take to lay fiber optic internet for these communities. The company has raised has raised more than $34 million in funding to date from notable partners, including General Catalyst, Eclipse Ventures, and Lux Capital. Based in San Francisco, Common was founded in 2016 by Grace Chen, Jessica Shalek, Zach Brock and Mark Jen to provide accessible, high-speed internet services for all.

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